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First Performance

November 27, 2015

"I hit the silver pool face first and fell

through the looking glass into my reality."

After a chance encounter with a white rabbit on a night out, Alice is given a free sample of 'Drink Me', a new drug circulating through the underworld. As Alice chases down the rabbit she finds herself in Wonderland, a new club anticipating a busy opening night. Unable to escape and surrounded by vice and sin, Alice deteriorates, losing herself within excess she has never experienced before.

This adaptation of Lewis Carroll's nonsense novel brings focus to issues surrounding substance abuse and addiction. 

Wonderland places rave culture under a microscope and interrogates how easily young people can be drawn into a world of drugs.



Detective - Vikram Oberoi

Lieutenant - Faith Donner

Alice - Isobel Wilcox-Mahon

The White Rabbit - Freddie Abrahams

Tweedle Dee - Rajiv Mansigani

Tweedle Dum - Jessica Hoar

Cheshire - Toby Miller

Dormouse - Olgalissia Riley

March Hare - Ethan Miller

The Mad Hatter - Frederick Zennor

The Blue Caterpillar - Hugo Lloyd-Williams

Two of Spades - Mary Caulfield

Nine of Spades - Gemma Levy

Five of Spades - Lara Bolton-Patel

Ten of spades - Alicia Gerhardstein

The Red Queen - Harriet Howarth

Police Officer - Oliver Light


Director - Frederick Zennor

Technical Director - Hannah Rowley

Lighting Designer - Hannah Rowley

Sound Designer - Hannah Rowley

Script Editor - Liliana Talwatte

Set Design/Construction - Frederick Zennor

Ethan Miller as The March Hare, Frederick Zennor as The Mad Hatter, Olgalissia Riley as Dormouse
Toby Miller as Cheshire
Harriet Howarth as The Red Queen, Hugo Lloyd-Williams as The Caterpillar
Frederick Zennor as The Mad Hatter
Ethan Miller as The March Hare, Olgalissia Riley as Dormouse
Lara Bolton-Patel as Five of Spades
Frederick Zennor as The Mad Hatter
Isobel Wilcox-Mahon as Alice
Toby Miller as Cheshire
Harriet Howarth as The Red Queen
Frederick Zennor as The Mad Hatter
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