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First Performed

July 20, 2023

"No more violence."


Deep in the depths below the Nomad Park, a lonely performer prepares her act. Beneath the earth and amidst the soil, a late night cabaret show becomes both a haven and a battlefield as its cast of performers face off against a fascist government who will stop at nothing to silence their voices.

Déjà Vu Kabaret is true story based on events that took place at the 2013 environmental protests in Istanbul, Turkey. The Gezi Park Protests quickly escalated into an influential and vital revolution within modern Turkish history. The play is set against increasing police violence as well as a culture dictated by state-run news platforms that spread propaganda and censored the protests. In response to these events, activists established a cabaret beneath the park where artists would perform to challenge the laws and policies being enacted. This led to immediate plans from the authorities to tear down the cabaret, leading to the tragic deaths of performers and audience one June evening in 2013.

Déjà Vu Kabaret is a play that challenges where and when you can be politically abstinent, the privilege associated with that choice, and a call to audiences to stand against injustice in their communities and beyond.

Performed and created for the historic Red Lion, Leytonstone — this site-specific immersive protest musical takes place across five different rooms in order to take the audiences on a journey to unveil the events that took place at Gezi Park on June 15th, 2013.



Seline - Alara Köroğlu

Sky - Matt Ackermann

Deniz - Ashley Durant

Mary - Morag Hawthorn


Baptiste Semin

Illiana Theocharo

Louna Palombo

Roisin Finn

Shannon McCarthy


Keys - Cyrus Atkinson

Drums - Joshua Walker


Director - Sofia Zaragoza

Assistant Director - Frederick Zennor

Musical Director - Cyrus Atkinson

Playwrights - Frederick Zennor & Alara Köroğlu

Producers - Sofia Zaragoza & Alara Köroğlu

Stage Manager - Sabrina Kelleher

Assistant Stage Manager - Tiril Bru Oestreborge

Composer - Cyrus Atkinson

Sound Designer - Tristan Gable

Set Designer - Kuk Chang

Videographer - Benedict Zephyr

Trailer Director - Frederick Zennor

Technical Production Manager - Jordan Wilkes

Marketing Assistant - Emily Layton

Déjà Vu Kabaret 1
Déjà Vu Kabaret 2
Déjà Vu Kabaret 3
Déjà Vu Kabaret 4
Déjà Vu Kabaret 5
Déjà Vu Kabaret 6
Déjà Vu Kabaret 7
Déjà Vu Kabaret 8
Déjà Vu Kabaret 9
Déjà Vu Kabaret 10
Déjà Vu Kabaret 11
Déjà Vu Kabaret 12
Déjà Vu Kabaret 13
Déjà Vu Kabaret 14
Déjà Vu Kabaret 15
Déjà Vu Kabaret 16
Déjà Vu Kabaret 17
Déjà Vu Kabaret 18
Déjà Vu Kabaret 19
Déjà Vu Kabaret 20
Déjà Vu Kabaret 21
Déjà Vu Kabaret 22
Déjà Vu Kabaret 23
Déjà Vu Kabaret 24
Déjà Vu Kabaret 25
Déjà Vu Kabaret 26
Déjà Vu Kabaret 27
Déjà Vu Kabaret 28


Featured within the production
Music by Cyrus Atkinson, Lyrics by Alara Koroglu & Cyrus Atkinson

Act I

Fear Alone
Cigarettes After
Who Are They? [Interlude]
Poison of Life
Shadows in the Trees

Act II

Silent Screams
Poison of Life (Reprise)
Sky from the Ground
Fear Alone (Déjà Vu Reprise)




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