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First Performed

June 9, 2018

"O, it is excellent to have a giant's strength,

but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant."


Los Angeles: City of Angels, Garden of Evil, the Edge of Paradise. Vienna Studios is mid-production on their new film, however chaos reigns off-set and the director steps down; handing the helm to his puritanical assistant director. With the lead actor soon to be executed for his sins, it is up to his sister to save him from the chopping block.

This production of Measure for Measure is a modern day take on Shakespeare’s infamous problem play focusing on issues of sexual assault, consent, and harassment within 21st century Hollywood. 



Isabella - Kirsten Rio Dael

Duke Vincentio - Zach Ring

Angelo - Santiago Valencia-Northrup

Escalus - Lily Tholfsen

Claudio - Mesfin Teklu

Lucio - Jacob Pham

Pompey - Jenna Nimri

The Provost - David Huang

Mariana - Arushi Nigam

Mistress Overdone - Cassandra Connolly

Juliet - Ceres Trinh

Francisca - Elena Browne

Elbow - Halle Sousa

Mishka / Froth - Georgette Ayaz

Chad / Barnardine - Josh Tseng

The Player / Abhorson - Abby Edwards

The Runner - Wendy Woerner


Director - Frederick Zennor

Assistant Director - Angelynne Pawaan

Assistant Director / Stage Manager - Summer Thai

Movement Director - Astrid Espitia

Musical Director / Conductor - Luke Piszkin

Technical Director - Stefan Tolido


Andres Lagang, Beren Yildirim, Madenn Walikis, Tej Naganathan

Lighting Designer - Stefan Tolido, Frederick Zennor

Sound Designer - Stefan Tolido

Set Design - Frederick Zennor 

Costume Designer - Halle Sousa

Hair/Make-Up Designer - Halle Sousa

Composer - Brennen Mahon

Vocal Coach - Chloris Li

Photographer - Kyoka Matsunaga

Stage Hand - Natalie Lydick


Frederick Zennor, Kyoka Matsunaga, Summer Thai, Madenn Walikis, Angelynne Pawaan

Starring Kirsten Rio Dael
Starring Zach Ring
Starring Santiago Valencia-Northrup
Starring Lily Tholfsen
Starring Mesfin Teklu
Starring Jacob Pham
Starring Jenna Nimri
Starring David Huang
Starring Arushi Nigam
Starring Cassandra Connolly
Starring Ceres Trinh
Starring Elena Browne
Starring Josh Tseng
Starring Abby Edwards
Starring Wendy Woerner


Featured within the production

Mortality and Mercy

artRave - Lady Gaga x DJWS

Weak Spot - FKA twigs

Aura - Lady Gaga

13 Beaches - Lana Del Rey

Kill V. Maim - Grimes x Little Jimmy Urine

Act I

Everything Was Beautiful - Cruel Youth

Panty Party - Lady Gaga

East Jesus Nowhere - Green Day

Act II

Contractions - Brennen Mahon

Pray You Catch Me - Beyoncé

Prisoner - The Weeknd & Lana Del Rey


Pain - Brennen Mahon

Controversy - Natalia Kills

Time's Changing - Brennen Mahon

Act IV

Beautiful Trauma - P!nk

I'm Your Doll - FKA twigs

Act V

Praying - Kesha

'Til It Happens To You - Lady Gaga

Weak Spot
13 Beaches
Kill V. Maim
Everything Was Beautiful
Panty Party
East Jesus Nowhere
Pray You Catch Me
Time's Changing
Beautiful Trauma
I'm Your Doll
'Til It Happens To You



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