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First Performed

November 10, 2016

"I am worse than e'er I was."

This production places the great tragic figure of Lear in a contemporary context, a world full of

debauchery and corruption. King Lear reflects on the power of image and status in society, leading this

tragedy to its heart-wrenching conclusion.



King Lear - Toby Skelton

Edgar - Frederick Zennor

Edmund - Sam Briggs

Gloucester - Ali Bullen

Goneril - Rebecca Smith

Regan - Charlotte McEvoy

Cordelia - Josephine Dowswell

Kent - Becky Pick

The Fool - Magda Bird

Albany - Amy Bonar

Cornwall - Fergus O'Loan

Oswald - Eve Aspinall


Ella Dorman-Gajic, Emily Westaway. Lily Millar, Katy McEntee


Directors - Ned Caderni & Jordan Wilkes

Production Manager - Lauren Kelly

Stage Combat Choreographer - Amie Maria Marie

Photographer - Alex Cooper

Stage Management - Curl Lyons & Theo Smith

Technician - Sam Webber

Set Designer - Alice Ward

Costumes / Hair and Make-Up - Alice Kouzmenko, Beth Bacon, Freya Rose and Jess Honey


Frederick Zennor as Edgar, Emily Westaway as Burgundy
Frederick Zennor as Edgar, Magda Bird as The Fool
Sam Briggs as Edmund, Eve Aspinall as Oswald, Ali Bullen as Gloucester, Frederick Zennor as Edgar
Frederick Zennor as Edgar
Fergus O'Loan as Cornwall, Becky Pick as Kent, Ali Bullen as Gloucester, Frederick Zennor as Edgar
Eve Aspinall as Oswald, Emily Westaway as Burgundy, Fergus O'Loan as Cornwall, Frederick Zennor as E
Magda Bird as The Fool, Emily Westaway as Burgundy, Toby Skelton as King Lear, Frederick Zennor as E
Rebecca Smith as Goneril
Fergus O'Loan as Cornwall, Toby Skelton as King Lear, Charlotte McEvoy as Regan
Toby Skelton as King Lear
Rebecca Smith as Goneril, Charlotte McEvoy as Regan, Josephine Dowswell as Cordelia
Sam Briggs as Edmund
Sam Briggs as Edmund, Frederick Zennor as Edgar
Becky Pick as Kent, Magda Bird as The Fool
Frederick Zennor as Edgar
Sam Briggs as Edmund, Ali Bullen as Gloucester
Magda Bird as The Fool, Toby Skelton as King Lear
Ali Bullen as Gloucester, Charlotte McEvoy as Regan
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