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First performed

March 2, 2018

"I can offer, free from scandal, love, and pleasure"

Reset in 1920's New York just days after the stock market crash of 1929, this production of Molière's infamous play explores the themes of religious hypocrisy, financial decadence, and what to do when a guest has overstayed their welcome. 



Tartuffe - Frederick Zennor

Orgon - Roger Cordova

Elmire - Elena Browne

Damis - Trevor Rinzler

Mariane - Vanessa Fitzpatrick

Valère - Brennen Mahon

Madame Pernelle - Andrew Olson

Cléante - Sim Singh

Dorine - Marielle Vizcarra

Monsieur Loyal - David Huang

The Exempt - Jolie Anderson

Laurent - Lily Tholfsen

Flipote - Halle Sousa


Director - Alexa Mark

Assistant Director / Stage Manager - Summer Thai

Assistant Director - Tiffany Radich

Assistant Stage Manager - Isabelle Rupani

Dramaturgs - Michael Romero & Isabelle Rupani

Lighting Designer - Stefan Tolido

Sound Designer - Stefan Tolido

Costume Designer - Halle Sousa

Hair/Make-Up Designer - Halle Sousa

Photographer - Kyoka Matsunaga

Frederick Zennor as Tartuffe
Frederick Zennor as Tartuffe
Frederick Zennor as Tartuffe
Frederick Zennor as Tartuffe, Roger Cordova as Orgon, Elena Browne as Elmire
Vanessa Fitzpatrick as Mariane, Marielle Vizcarra as Dorine
Lily Tholfsen as Laurent
Elena Browne as Elmire
Roger Cordova as Orgon
David Huang as Monsieur Loyal
Trevor Rinzler as Damis
Marielle Vizcarra as Dorine
Sim Singh as Cléante
Vanessa Fitzpatrick as Mariane, Brennen Mahon as Valère
Jolie Anderson as The Exempt
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