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Frederick Zennor is an actor, director and playwright from London, England. Specialising in surrealist horror and ARTPOP, the combination of high-brow art with popular culture, Zennor uses both fields to create a unique theatrical experience for his audiences. Arraying from adaptations of classical texts, plays and poetry to his own original work, Zennor's brand of theatre is altogether unlike anything you'll find on traditional stages.


Zennor believes in putting purpose behind every work of art and using performance as a platform to provoke discussion about issues we find too difficult to address in our day-to-day lives, putting a particular focus on feminist and queer theatre. Having had work performed in London, England and San Diego, California, Zennor hopes to further develop his craft and expand his team of creatives in order to contribute

to dialogues surrounding abuse, addiction and exploitation.

Zennor trained as a director at the Chickenshed Theatre, has received training as an actor at Guildhall and the Central School of Speech and Drama, and has completed

academic research at Shakespeare's Globe.  

Zennor has graduated from the University of East Anglia and the University of California

with a First Class Honours degree in English and American Literature.

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